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looking for EstrellitaSelected Essays

Looking For Estrellita – Essays on Writing and Culture.
(University of Queensland Press, 1999)
(Hbk: ISBN : 0 7022 3114 2 Pbk: 0 7022 3115 0)

Book Chapters

2016 ‘Love, Actually’, Best Australian Stories 2016 ed. Charlotte Wood, Black Inc.

2016 ‘Blindness & Rage: A Phantasmagoria’, Giramondo Publishing, Sydney, 1-142

2016, Diary of a Rational Man: A Paranormal Entry, Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne

2015 The Company We Keep’, Three Suns I Saw, Ulrike Fischer and Shane Rowlands eds., Brisbane: Boolarong Press, Aachen: Karin Fischer Verlag

2007 ‘Twice born: risks and trespass in White’s Patrick, Giramondo Publishers, Australia, pp. 60-70

2004  Authors Take Sides, edited by Jean Moorcroft Wilson & Cecil Woolf, Melbourne University Press, July 2004 (ISBN 0522-85136-3).

2001The Persistence of Memory’, in Victor Barker, ed., Paris Studio, Halstead Press, 2001. (ISBN: 1 875684 78 6)


2012 Passages (with Khai Liew and John Young), TarraWarra Museum of Art, Healesville, Victoria. ISBN 978-0-9805408-4-0, February 2012


1996 Writing Asia and Auto/biography: Two Lectures University College, Australian Defence Force Academy, January, 1996. (ISBN: 0 7317 0336 7) Extracted, Australian Humanities Review Ed. Cassandra Pybus, Hypertext. Auto/biography in Morag Fraser, ed. Seams of Light: Best Antipodean Essays (Allen & Unwin, 1998)

Published Essays and Articles

2022  ‘The best books whose writing falls between the cracks of genre’, Sheppard,
2021  ‘Seminal Retention’, in Antipodean China: Reflections on Literary Exchange, (eds.) Nicholas Jose and Benjamin Madden, Giramondo Publishing Company, February, 2021, pp 171-174. (ISBN 978-1-925818-64-2)
2020  Inside The Verse Novel : Writers on Writing, ed. Linda Weste, February 2020, Australian Scholarly Publishing, pp 75-82. (ISBN: 978-1-925984-25-5)
2019  ‘Detours and Divigations’ ASAL Patrons Lecture, Meanjin, March 19,
2018 ‘Blindness and Deafness in Literary Reception’, The Sydney Review of Books, July 2018, http://sydneyreviewofbooks/blindness-and-deafness-in-literary-reception/
2014 ‘Lightning, Agony, Vertigo’, Barry Andrews Keynote, ASAL, October 2014, JASAL”>
Vol 14, No. 3 ‘Country’ Issue.
2014  Introduction to Breaking Beauty, an anthology of short stories, Lynette Washington ed., (Adelaide: MidnightSun Publishing).
2014  Review: Magnificent Obsessions: Honouring the Lives of Hazel Rowley, Edited by Rosemary Lloyd and Jean Fornasiero, Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013, Australian Journal of French Studies, Liverpool University Press.
2013  ‘Sensible Seeing’, The Sydney Review of Books, http://sydneyreviewofbooks/
2013 ‘Literature and Fashion’, The Sydney Review of Books, 23 April 2013 http://sydneyreviewofbooks/literature-and-fashion/

2013 ‘On Translation’, The Warwick Review, University of Warwick, Coventry UK.
2011 ‘Melancholy Objects: Flaubert’s Double Agency,’ Australian Journal of French Studies, Vol 48, Issue 3.
2011 ‘Slow Boat To Culture’, The Australian Literary Review, October, 2011 p 20.
2011 Creative Writing in Asia, TEXT, special issue no. 10, April 2011. Papers from Symposium at City University, Hong Kong, 10/3/2011,
2010 Foreword to The Nth Degree, An Anthology of New Writing, Melbourne: Arcade Custom.
2010 ‘Roller Coaster”, Victorian Writers Centre Newsletter July, 2010.
2009 ‘The Idea Of Asia’, Art & Australia, Vol 47 No. 2 Summer issue.
2009 ‘Writing Asia’ Panel paper, Sydney Writers Festival, 23rd May.
2009 ‘Arrested Motion and Future Mourning: Hybridity and Creativity’, Blaiklock Lecture, University of Sydney, Southerly, Vol. 68, No. 3, 2009.
2009 ‘Arrested Motion and Future Mourning: Hybridity and Creativity’, Keynote address, Liverpool-Hope University, Liverpool, July 19, conference paper, Cultures in Transit, Transtext(e)s/Transcultures, October 2009, (
2009 ‘Lost In His Own Labyrinth’ – Review of Gabriel García Marquéz – A Life, by Gerald Martin, , The Australian Literary Review, February, 2009.
2008 ‘In Camera’, HEAT 19.

2008 ‘Revolution in Mind’, Review, The Australian Literary Review.
2007 ‘Eight Chinese Lessons’, Griffith Review.
2007 ‘Twice Born: Risk and Trespass in White’s Patrick’, HEAT.
2007 ‘My Write of Way’, The Age, A2, 30 June.
2007 ‘Written Kisses’, Meanjin, Vol 66 No. 1, April, 2007. Reprinted, ‘Language Gives You Wings’, The Age, A2, 7 April.
2007 ‘Memory/Memorial’, Anglophonia. The French Journal Of English Studies, (Toulouse: Presses Universitaires du Mirail). Volume 21.
2005 ‘Parleying Apocalypse’, Meanjin, Vol. 64, No. 4.
2004 ‘Caesura’, Griffith Review, Vol. 6, Summer, 2004-5
2004 ‘Through a Glass Darkly – W.G. Sebald’s Overcast Style’, Heat, No. 7 (2004).
2003 ‘Forgetting Paris’, The Australian Author, July, 2003.
2002 ‘Blue Max’, a tribute to W.G. Sebald, Heat, No. 3, New Series.
2001 ‘The Persistence of Memory’, in Victor Barker, ed., Paris Studio, Halstead Press, 2001. (ISBN: 1 875684 78 6)
2001 ‘Volées’, Catalogue essay for John Young’s Exhibition Pine’s Edge. Anna Schwartz Galleries.
2001 ‘Auto/biographie’, Vacarme, No. 15, Printemps, Paris. Trans. Isabelle Lee.
2000 ‘Cultural Cringe’ Meanjin, Vol. 59 No. 3.
1999 ‘Identity Papers’, The Australian’s Review of Books, 9 June, 1999.
1999 ‘Autobiography and Disinheritance’, Australian Humanities Review, February,1999.
1997 ‘The Role of the Critic’, Australian Book Review, November, 1997.
1997 ‘Stepper’, The Shincho Magazine, Tokyo, Japan, Vol. 11, 1997
1997 ‘Writing Stepper’, Aurora Australis, April.
1996 ‘Masked Balls’ Heat. Vol.1, July.
1996 ‘Nature Morte’ Art Monthly/Australian Book Review, August
1995 ‘Heterotopias: Writing and Location. The Australian Context’ Australian Literary Studies. Winter.
1995 Introduction to Beyond Black and White; photography and texts ed. Andy Park (Panda Press).
1995 ‘Just Flirting’, The Australian Book Review, June.
1995 ‘Lesions’ Meanjin, Vol. 54, No.1.
1995 ‘Heterotopias’ Australian Studies Conference Papers, Guangzhou, China.
1994 ‘Continental Drift’, The Sydney Institute Papers, August.
1994 ‘On the last ten years’, The Good Weekend, September.
1993 ‘On Grief’ Saturday Extra, The Age.
1991 ‘The Public and the Private – a meditation on noise’, Island magazine, Winter.
1991 ‘Necessary Idiocy’ in Striking Chords, Allen & Unwin November, 1991. First published in The Age Monthly Review, February 1989.
1991 ‘On Landscape and Inspiration’, The Good Weekend, November.
1990 ‘On Gail Morgan’, Editions, July.
1985 ‘Finding A Voice’ Asiaweek, May 3.
1985 ‘Winning The Race’ Harper’s Bazaar, March.
1984 ‘Memoirs of a Displaced Person’ National Times January 6 – 12. 1984 Writing In Multicultural Australia, Australia Council, from the Multicultural Writers’ Conference Sydney 1984, A. Ward ed.

Occasional Addresses, Readings and Lectures

2017 ‘Space, Time, Literature and China’, Antipodean China workshop, 23 November
2017 Macau Days: Brian Castro & John Young in conversation with Natalie King, MTalks, University of Melbourne, 14 Nov.
2017 Writing China - Panel discussion, Ozasia Festival, 8 October
2017 Blindness and Rage, Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin, Sep 13
2017 Brian Castro: Blindness & Rage, Melbourne Writers Festival, 2 September
2017 Macau Days – Panel discussion, Ozasia Festival, 8 October
2015 Brian Castro: Samaritan, Berlin Literary Festival, Berlin, August 21
2013 Presentation, China-Australia Literary Forum, Beijing, April 1-4.

2013 ASAL Keynote address, Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga, July 2.
2012 2 Masterclasses University of Wollongong.
2012 Launch of Street To Street, Kinokinya Bookshop, Sydney, 11 October.
2012 Reading: “The Company We Keep”, Dark Horsey Bookshop, Tuesday, 4 September.
2012 Talk and reading, Visions and Voices: The USC Arts & Humanities Initiative, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA, Monday, April 2, 2012 : 12pm, 7:00pm
2011 Public Lecture, ‘Melancholy Muse’, Research Tuesdays series, Adelaide University, Monday, April 2, 2012 : 7:00pm
2011 China Tour
Fri 4-Mar am tbc Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade with Tom Keneally and translator Wang Guanglin
Sun 6-Mar pm In Conversation with Wang Guanglin, Shanghai Literary Festival
Mon 7-Mar pm Beijing, Bookworm Bookshop – Lifting the Painted Veil: in conversation with Xu Xi
Tues 8-Mar, am. inteview, Bruce Connolly,Beijing Radio
Tues 8-Mar, pm. Peking Univ – ‘Australian and international voices in writing and translation’, with Mabel Lee and Kate Jennings
Thu 10-Mar 7.30-9.30pm Alumni event: ‘The Book, The Film and The Scholar’; The Capital Club, with Jessica Rudd and Christo Tsiolkas
Fri 11 Mar, Chengdu, Bookworm: Money or the Muse: creating the space for creativity; with Kate Jennings
Mon 14-Mar, Hong Kong Literary Festival – Aust Consul General’s residence event, readings with Craig Silvey
Tues 15-Mar, Hong Kong Literary Festival – ‘Shanghai Dancing: Truth or Fiction?’, Central Library
2010 Speech and reading,Adelaide Writers’ Festival, Meet the Author, 1/3/2010.
2010 Symposium Paper, Creative Writing in Asia, City University, Hong Kong, 10/3/2010.
2010 Public Lecture, It’s Not About You,  University of Essex, Colchester, UK, 12/3/2010.
2010 Keynote, Jean Moulin University, Lyon, France, 18/3/2010.
2010 Launch, Danser Shanghai, trans. Isabelle Lee, Confucius Institute, Jean Moulin University, Lyon, France, 19/3/2010.
2009 Lecture, Flinders University, Adelaide, Writer and their World series, 15/10/2009.
2009 Launch, The Bath Fugues, 13/6/09 Melbourne.
2009 Launch, The Bath Fugues, 5/6/09 Adelaide.
2009 The USA Readings
April 29, New York University A/P/A Institute

April 30, Asian American Writers Workshop, New York
May 2, Yerba Buena centre for the Arts, San Francisco
May 4, Booksoup Bookstore, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles
May 7, South Pasadena Public Library
May 8, SomArts Cultural Centre, Bay Gallery, San Francisco
May 9, Writers With Drinks, San Francisco
2009 Launch, Marion Campbell’s Fragments of a Paper Witch, Collected Works Bookstore, February 14.
2008 ‘Arrested Motion and Future Mourning: My Life as a Troubled Maker’, Barr-Smith Lecture, The University of Adelaide, 30th October.
2008 ‘Arrested Motion and Future Mourning: Hybridity and Creativity’, Keynote address, Liverpool-Hope University, Liverpool, July 19.
2008 ‘In Camera: Boccaccio and Melancholy’, Seminar Paper, the University of Sydney, May 29.
2008 ‘Arrested Motion and Future Mourning’, Blakelock Lecture, the University of Sydney, May 29.
2008 ‘My Write of Way’, Reading, First Person, ABC Radio National, February 20, 2008.
2008 Impressions and Impersonations: Asia and Australia in the Age of Incitement, Keynote address, EASA conference, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, September 26-30, 2007. Public lecture, University of Melbourne, October, 2007.
2007 Launch, Peta Stephenson’s The Outsiders Within, Brunswick St Bookstore, July 27.
2007 ‘Twice Born’, paper delivered on Patrick White, Sydney Conference, May 27, 2007.
2007 In conversation with Eddin Khoo, Kuala Lumpur literary festival, 30th March, 2007.
2007 Reading of Shanghai Dancing, Kuala Lumpur literary festival, 30th March, 2007.
2006 Ghosts in the Machine, ‘Love & Desire’ Conference, National Library of Australia, 23-24 September.
2006 ‘Divergences and Convergences’, Conference, Université de Toulouse-Le-Mirail, France, March 16-18. Keynote address: ‘Memory/Memorial’. March 18.
2006 Reading, Librairies Ombres Blanches, Toulouse, France. March 16.
2006 Shanghai Library Keynote address: ‘Memory and Invention: Shanghai Dreams, Australian Perspectives’. March 11.
2006 Reading, M On The Bund. March 11.
2006 MAN Hong Kong Literary Festival, March 6-15. Conversations with Tim Cribb;  March 8. Interview with Jane Camens. March 9.
2006 ‘Trafficking in Dangerous Goods’, Transtext(e)s/Transcultures, (
2005 Opening Address, John Young Retrospective, Tarrawarra Museum of Art, Healesville, Victoria, November 6, 2005.
2005 ‘Writing and Time’ talk, HEAT public event,  Sydney Grammar School, September 18, 2005.
2005 ‘Parleying Apocalypse’, Macgeorge Public Lecture, University of Melbourne, May 24, 2005.
2004 ‘Why I haven’t written a memoir’, Sydney Writers’ Festival, May 20, 2004.
2003 Heat Lecture Series ‘Through a Glass Darkly – W. G. Sebald’s Overcast Style’, Melbourne Writers Festival, August 30, 2003.
2003 Spotlight Interview with Morag Fraser, Melbourne Writers Festival, August 24, 2003
2003 Opening Address, Rare Books Exhibition, Monash University Library June 5, 2003.
2002 Sydney Writers’ Festival, in conversation with Andrew Reimer, May 24, 2003.
2003 Sydney Writers’ Festival, ‘The Memoir’, May 22, 2003.
2002 ‘In 4/4’, reading and jazz, Sydney Opera House.
2002 Vienna, reading, 40th anniversary of the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Literatur.
2002 Adelaide Festival Writers’ Week. ‘Belonging’.
2000 November 15, Reading, Café de la Mairie, Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris.
1999 October 14-17, Talks on ‘The Essay’ and ‘The blurring of fiction and reality’, Brisbane Writers’ Festival.
1999 April 20-22, Readings and talks in Vienna, Austria
1999 April 18-20, Readings and talks at the ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary
1999 April 12-22, Readings and talks at the Prague Festival, The Czech Republic
1997 October 14, Interviewed by Andrea Goldsmith, Deakin University.
1997 May 5, In conversation with Adeliene Yen-Mah, Comedy Club, Carlton.
1997 April 22, Launch of Stepper Brunswick St Bookstore, Fitzroy, Melbourne.
1997 April 13, Launch of Stepper by Louis Nowra, Gleebooks, Sydney.
1997 April 13, Reading, The Word On Sunday, Museum Of Contemporary Arts.
1997 February 20, Lygon Court, Reading for Heat 3 launch.
1997 January 29, Graduate Studies seminar, Dept. of Comparative Literature, University of Hong Kong.
1996 September 20, Reading, Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne Festival.
1996 September 17, Interview with Cassandra Pybus, Malthouse, Melbourne Festival.
1996 September 15, Reading and discussion, Melbourne University.
1995 October 4, University Of Canberra, reading and talk.
1995 September 14, Reading and discussion, Menzies Library, ANU.
1995 August 31, Public Seminar, ADFA, ‘Writing Autobiography’.
1995 August 22, ANU paper: ‘Auto/biography’.
1995 August 22, Reading at Tilley’s, Canberra.
1995 August 15, University of Canberra: Open Lecture: ‘Fiction Structures’.
1995 August 9, National Library, Canberra: Lecture ‘Writing Asia’.
1995 July 25, Launch of special translation issue of Southerly Magazine.
1995 May 19, Talk, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan.
1995 May 17, Talk, Tezukayama Gakuin University, Osaka Japan.
1994 October 12, Reading, Hong Kong University.
1994 September 11, Reading, The Word On Sunday, Museum Of Contemporary Arts.
1994 September 26, University Of Zhongshan, Guangzhou. Australian Studies Conference.
1994 August 17, Reading at Gleebooks Sydney.
1994 August, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Writing Australia series.
1994 August, The Sydney Institute. ‘Continental Drift: Writing, Experience and Geography’.
1994 July, Reading at Readings Melbourne.
1994 April 8, Varuna. Western Sydney Writing Project.
1993 September, Reading at Mietta’s Melbourne.
1992 September, Reading at Mietta’s Melbourne.
1991 October, Presentation of The Australian/Vogel award.
1991 July 31, Lecture, Writer’s Choice, Sydney University.
1991 July 30, Reading at Harold Park Hotel.
1991 July 25, Reading and discussion at The Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra.
1991 July 24, Reading at Tilley’s Canberra.
1991 June 30, Reading for launching of Sydney edition of Island Magazine, Harold Park Hotel.
1991 June 26, Launch speech, Double-Wolf, Ariel Bookshop, Sydney.
1990 Reading, Salamanca Writers’ Festival, Hobart, Tasmania.
1990 March 5, Launch speech, Pomeroy, Adelaide Festival.
1988 November 9, Lecture and reading, Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail,Toulouse. Reading, staff and students, Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail.
1988 November 8, Lecture and reading, Université de Rouen.
1988 November 3, Lecture, Université de Paris VIII St-Denis.
1988 November 2, Lecture, Ecole Libre des Sciences Politiques, Sorbonne.
Lecture and reading of work, Université de Paris X, Nanterre.
Press conference at Librairie Compaignie, rue des Ecoles.
1988 Symposium, ‘Critical and Creative Writing’, Nepean College.
1988 Reading, Sydney Biennale, Art Gallery of N.S.W
1985 Lecture and reading, Mitchell College & Orange Town Hall.
1984 October 13, Lecture, Multicultural Writers’ Conference, Sydney.
1982 Talk, Blue Mountains F.A.W., Katoomba.








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