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Brian with dogStage Play

1998 After China Stage adaptation, Peter Copeman, Belvoir Street Theatre, 1998.

1994 Secrets Monologue for the Sydney Festival, performed by John Derum. 27th-30th ANZ Theatre, Darling Harbour, January, 1994. Broadcast on ABC FM and Radio National, March, 1994. Published in George Papaellinas ed. Republica, No.1 (1994)

Radio Play

1995 Nightsafe Area. ABC radio. 13/7/95, re-broadcast ‘Soundstage’ 8/4/97. Published in Heat No. 3 February, 1997.


1993 After China (with Jim Sharman) (Unpublished)

Short Stories and Poetry

2020 ‘The Slow Derangement’ in A Book Of Friends, ed. Dorothy Driver, Melbourne: Text Publishing, pp 24-36. (ISBN: 9781922268990).
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2018 ‘Apophlegms’, Mascara Literary Review, Issue 22, June 2018.

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1975 ‘The Man Who Breathed’ New Literature Review.
1973 ‘Estrellita’ The Union Recorder (Vol 53, No. 22), Sydney University Short Story Competition First Prize.


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